design a new messaging plan

A global telecommunications company urgently needed to design the message for the launch of a complex new product. We developed and facilitated a series of design sprints starting with a concept sprint that defined and validated the core problem to solve, followed by a series of focused sprints to build alignment and apply the message across multiple service areas. The result: A highly flexible messaging platform ready in weeks instead of months.

explore new product ideas

A national construction supplier needed a new approach to build and maintain connection with valuable small accounts. A five-day design sprint with brought in diverse members from across the organization to design, prototype and test a new App concept. Uncovering customers’ unique problems and developing tailored solutions helped create a new opportunity for connection and loyalty.

collaborate globally

What do you do when you need to collaborate with teams and experts located around the globe? One option is remote design sprints. We have planned and facilitated remote sprints spanning multiple time zones that have built powerful collaboration opportunities for remote teams. Our unique exercises and experience have helped these sprints gain success within limited time frames and without face to face contact

jumpstart event design

An international audio manufacturer was running out of time and ideas ahead for its most important event of the year. Utilizing a cross-functional team and the divergent creative exercises of the design sprint we helped them rapidly define a theme, build ideation and validate a course of action. The result was a far more creative platform, rapid internal approval and a highly successful experience.

build customer-centric experiences

Research showed that customers visiting the Web site of a well-known audio brand were overwhelmed by the breadth of products and alienated from the brand’s core value proposition. Working with internal research teams we facilitated a design sprint to create a new user experience that would be more inclusive, informative and consistent with the customer journey. The validated prototype was applied to Web site and resulted in an improved experience in record production time and created a platform for continuous improvement.

“The design sprint enabled doing something ground breaking internally… when I combine this with our successful digital marketing initiatives, I know that this is meaningful to the business”

Asit P. Goel | SVP - Marketing and Communications, United Site Services